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Ms. Beverly Cobbs holds a masters degree in social work.

Hello!  I am currently in supervision to obtain my LCSW and I have over 21 years of experience working with adults, children and Families.  I have extensive experience in crisis intervention, individual, & family counseling, Christian counseling skills, which includes community visits, home visits, and field work. I have a strong compassion for serving the needs of disadvantaged youth and adults, including homeless, emancipated youth and special-needs populations.  I have had vigorous training, and intensive study of counseling techniques, assessment, and treatment planning, I have worked with clients facing grief, trauma, abuse, and relationship challenges.

I have a vast knowledge of mental health as it relates to individuals, disadvantaged populations, groups and couples. My specialty also surrounds social work, child protective services, Foster care juvenile justice systems and special education. My Job is My Passion, My Ministry. I too have experienced difficult life situations, trauma and grief. I didn’t start my life with all of these titles. I had to work hard for each one of them. Through every challenge, every struggle, every stumbling block, and every failure.

I have worked with adults, children, & felons, with intense addictions, behavioral, drug use, and severe, profound mental health issues. I work with individuals that suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD, ODD, OCD, and anger issues using cognitive behavior therapy.

Bring your tired, your shame, your guilt, your pain, your doubts, your fears, your hurt and your tears, all is welcome. I am certain that my skills and abilities are the right fit to assist you with addressing life from a healthy perspective. 

I am currently accepting new clients and can provide counseling services to meet your needs. Fill out our Contact Form for more information.

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