2. Couples & Family Therapy

*All sessions are conducted via Telehealth*


Session Rate:

  • Diagnostic Evaluation: Starting at $165.00 per session.

  • Couples and Family Therapy: Starting at $145.00 per session.

  • Court ordered Couples and Family Therapy: Start at $200.00 per session.

  • Discount Available with Bundle Package: Please Contact for more details. 

  • Sessions requested outside of normal business hours will incur an additional charge.



  • Limited insurance carriers provide coverage for "Couples Counseling" please check with your insurance carrier to determine if this service is covered.

  • Out of network provider- means that we do not have a contract with the insurance company at this time. Individuals will be responsible for all payments and fees due at each session. We will provide an invoice after each session and a superbill at the end of each month for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Often times insurance will reimburse most,if not all, of the fees for an out of network provider. Please contact your insurance carrier (the number can be found on the back of your insurance card) to inquire about your out of network benefits. I have provided a few questions that you can ask your insurance carrier for your convenience.

    • Are there out of network benefits with my policy?

    • Do I have a mental or behavioral health policy with my out of network benefits?

      • If yes, what percentage do you cover and what is the in network fee?

      • What are the requirements to use out of network benefits?

    • Is prior authorization required?

    • Do I have an out of network deductible?

      • If yes, what is my deductible?

    • How much of my out of network deductible has been met?

    • What CPT codes (types of therapeutic services) do you cover?

    • Where do I find the claim form?

  • Good Faith Estimates can be provided.

Sliding scale

  • Limited sliding scale fee based appointments are available based on financial need– Please contact for more information.


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