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"Rookies... Learn... Grow...Turn into "All-Stars"..... Who then turn into Champions."

This coaching program is exclusively available for Mental Health & Wellness professionals like you! 


By using our Mental Wealth Strategy, when you join the Safe Routes "All-Stars" coaching program, you will gain the following;

  • Access to profitable clinical resources

  • Access to profitable Insurance & EAP information,

  • Access to accounting and tax-saving resources, financial growth strategies, and referrals

  • MasterClasses throughout the year

  • Important self-care and empowerment strategies needed for business growth 

  • Business brand strategies

  • The ability to release the "golden handcuffs" and shift from a "W2 mindset."

  • Empowerment retreat opportunities for mental health professionals

  • Two monthly one-on-one "All-Stars" strategy sessions

  • One monthly "All-Stars" group coaching strategy session 

  • Business growth strategies

  • Consistent accessibility to your Coach 

With Your Mental Health & Wellness Champion
Nikkimah Davis, LCSW
"All-Stars" Business Coaching 
$900.00 annually
$85.00 monthly
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