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Beauty for Ashes

To get beauty for ashes something must burn.

Is it defeat?

Is it long suffering?

Is it internal or external struggles?

Is it loss or heartbreak?

Is is depression?

Is it anxiety?

How about childhood trauma?

Is it physical abuse?

Is it divorce?

Is it loneliness?

Is it addiction?

Is it low self-esteem

How about fear and self doubt?

Your struggles of today are developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Within your God given Power lies every step you ever dreamed of stepping. Within your God given Power lies everything you ever dreamed of being. Within your God given Power lies the very Joy and Hope you ever dreamed of possessing. It is not who you are that holds you back, it is who you think you are not. Darkness can turn into Light. Look up to where your help comes from. Your present is the essence of beauty and your future is a masterpiece . God's story never ends with Ashes.

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