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The Joy that is within.

I recently overheard a conversation where a mother told her young daughter that they would be stopping by Chick-fil-A to grab lunch. I watched as the young girl gleamed and said "Oh that brings me so much Joy." You see, the Joy she was feeling was already in her. This young girl's belief system surrounding eating a Chick-fil- A meal triggered sweet thoughts that began to activate that Joy within her.

Just like that young person, allow your beliefs to trigger sweet thoughts and activate the Joy that lives within you.

Grab a hold to these affirming beliefs, let it lead to sweet thoughts and contribute to Joyful actions.

I am in charge of my happiness!

I speak Life over all my daily situations!

I am worthy of healthy relationships!

I do not have to be perfect!

If I need assistance/help in areas of my life, that is okay!

I am graced with the tools I need to succeed!

I am strong, brave and smart!

Each day I wake up is an opportunity to be Great!

I will look for the lessons and blessings in all things!

I have gifts and talents that the world is waiting for!

My gifts are unique to me!

There is a purpose for my life!

God blessed me with my Joy, I will hold onto it with all I am!

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